*NEW* EU CCPRRR Clearing Member Disclosures

EU CCP Recovery and Resolution Regulation (CCPRRR) establishes a harmonised framework for the recovery and resolution of EU CCPs. CCPRRR is intended to ensure that both CCPs and their regulators will act decisively in a crisis scenario to keep CCPs providing their critical functions and to limit the impact on the financial system and on public funds.

FIA has worked with members and external counsel to produce industry standard documents that help clearing members of EU CCPs meet their requirements under EU CCPRRR Article 9(23) and Article 87(7). They include information about (i) how measures in a CCP’s recovery plan may affect clients (Article 9(23)), and (ii) the potential losses or other costs that clients may bear as a result of the application of the default management procedures and loss and position allocation arrangements under the CCP’s operating rules (Article 38(8) of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), which is introduced by Article 87(7) of CCPRRR).

Our approach to these documents and the terms under which they can be accessed by FIA member and non-member firms are outlined in a slide deck (here). In case of questions or if you wish to get access to these documents, please contact us by sending an email to Mitja Siraj, VP Legal, Europe at msiraj@fia.org.

FIA Template CCPR Client Notification - FINAL  Word  PDF
Appendix 1_FIA Template CCPR Client Notification_BME Clearing_ S.A.U  Word  PDF
Appendix 2_FIA Template CCPR Client Notification_Euronext Clearing  Word  PDF
Appendix 3_ FIA Template CCPR Client Notification_Eurex Clearing  Word  PDF
Appendix 4_ FIA Template CCPR Client Notification_LCH SA  Word  PDF
Appendix 5_ FIA Template CCPR Client Notification_Nasdaq Clearing AB  Word  PDF